Feb 082016

Dear Fans and Supporters of the Utah UFO Festival. In an effort to make your festival more fun for you, we are moving the entire event outdoors this June, under the stars, where we can have bonfires, camping, star parties, and all sorts of activities where researchers and UFO enthusiasts can meet-up, network, and celebrate the possibility of Extraterrestrial Life.


June in Southern Utah is very warm and pleasant camping weather. We look forward to this event! Discounted Early Bird tickets are on sale until the end of February and you can purchase your spot ahead of time. Please visit the link below:

Buy your UFO Tickets Here!

Jan 102016

Talking Tree Tours

Nathan Cowlishaw, also known as Talking Tree, along with his brother, Joseph Cowlishaw having been working together as the Cowlishaw Brothers to form Anomaly Conservatory, a 501c3 Nonprofit educational organization currently in pending status. We are finished with all fees and paperwork to get our organization off the ground. As a way to raise funds for the first-annual Utah UFO Festival we focused our daily efforts on creating multiple-day Southwestern UFO Tours to span from one day to several days. We are brainstorming new itineraries for tours that will involve places like the Grand Canyon National Park. Yes, we will include many scenic locations for photographers to travel, some of which are only known to Talking Tree. We are story tellers, and interpreters who are fascinated with UFO mythology, legends, as well as real research into the ET Phenomenon. Whether you believe or not, it’s okay to open your mind to the topic as it is a subject worth serious conversation. We want to nurture the UFO folklore that has become so ingrained in Southwestern Culture. It’s apart of our history and we believe human beings need to start watching the skies more. That’s why we are different from your run-of-the-mill tour operation. We live in a mysterious universe and the American Southwest is an already incredibly beautiful and mystical place.

Dec 162015

All this time the state of Utah has printed on it’s license plates; “Life Elevated” when in actuality it’s “Life Levitated” because of all the anomalies in the skies from chrome colored flying saucers to orange orbs at night; Utah has been a teaming hot-bed of anomalous activity comparable to a Steven Spielberg movie. Our state contains one of America’s biggest paranormal hotspots, the Skinwalker Ranch up in Fort Duchesne, Utah, in the Southeastern part of the state. The Uintah Basin itself is home to both extraordinary UFO and bigfoot sightings. Adventurers go missing every year in the Uintah Mountains and Book Cliffs and people have disappeared without a trace in many other secluded spots of Utah’s backcountry. We have a state full of mysteries and unexplained happenings.

The Utah UFO Fest will have its haters, detractors and critics but we will stay the course because we know a lot of YOU believe in the many things that cannot be explained about our strange world. We are not the Cedar City UFO Fest because this is a state-wide celebration for Utah. We want to promote Utah as part of the event’s marketing. We want to grow as one of Utah’s most popular festivals in the coming years and with your help, we can achieve this as we continue to grow our small army! Life in our state is truly LEVITATED!

Dec 092015

area51; rachel1

We finally found a solution for booking our Wild West #Area51 Tours to Pioche and Rachel, Nevada and beyond. We teamed up with FareHarbor who was willing to help us get their proprietary booking system set-up and integrated with the Utah UFO Festival’s website. We have tours already available for booking and will be adding a few more tour itineraries to the main queue this weekend.

We want to offer something a little more curious and unique than the regular national parks tours that are offered around the American Southwest like a Grand Circle experience but with a lot more zing. It will be different and we are passionate about it!

Dec 072015
very; large; array1

Very Large Array National Telescope in South-central New Mexico during a late afternoon monsoon.

We have been busy brainstorming the goals and future of the Utah UFO Festival as well as what we want achieve with Anomaly Conservatory. Our vision and foundation is educational. We want to teach people about what we know and what we are passionate about. We are going to be offering a variety of different tours through the foundation which includes the Greater Desert Southwest.

Anomaly Conservatory is going to offer a 7-day tour that takes people out to the Navajo Nation and to the Four Corners region and onto points of interest like Roswell, and the Very Large Array telescope out in South-central New Mexico. We will also be offering a 3-4 day Kingman/Sedona UFO-Hotspot tour in Arizona-land. Why are we offering these? Because we want to be different from every other run-of-the-mill tourism operation and we believe in the Great Unknown!  Rather than scripted tours;We are passionate story tellers who are really interested in this stuff.

Dec 062015

In an 18 minute interview, Iron County resident, Frank Mysliwiec, shares a few of his amazing eyewitness accounts of Unidentified Flying Objects in the skies over Southern Utah and what he has observed traveling between Evanston, Wyoming and Cedar City. Frank happens is the General of the Wyoming State Militia and keeps vigilant watch over the skies at night and is much more aware of what’s going on than the average citizen.

Dec 032015

The video below is Tim and Bryan of Cherry Creek Radio and KSUB with the Cowlishaw Brothers out at Area 51. They had a chance to let us show them around the North Gate Boundary of the secret military base.

Cedar City, Utah is the gateway to Dreamland aka Area 51. The nearest town closest to Area 51 is Rachel, Nevada, and the only commercial establishment out there is the world famous Little Ale’Inn known for their delicious Alien Burger. Residents of this small community routinely travel to Cedar City, Utah, to stock up on supplies including the Little Ale’Inn.

We are excited to be networking with the citizens of Rachel, Nevada and we are also very grateful for Cherry Creek Radio helping us on the festival. Tim and Bryan are quite adventurous and we are lucky to have them on the radio daily in Southern Utah.

We are treating this as found footage because we didn’t intend to post or publish! ;)

Nov 122015

The Utah UFO Fest would love to ask for donations for the event coming up in June but we are now a 501c3 Nonprofit in pending status so we cannot do so. However we can accept donations if they are sent our way. We will have more details to come. Inspired by Pixar’s movie, The incredibles! ;)

Jul 062015

Our vision as an organization is to challenge the assumption in our community and society on the view that mankind is alone in the universe and that we are the only intelligent civilization in the cosmos. We also believe in a possibility that we are being visited by intelligent life not from our own planet, Earth. We are a research foundation dedicated to changing the cultural landscape of our society through community engagement and to bring about an evolutionary change for the betterment of our own community and our neighbors. It is self-evident that we are not alone in the universe and therefore we need to work diligently to persuade the general population of this fact. We exist to educate people about full-disclosure and first-contact!

We see many different anomalous activities happening in the realm of science within the exploration of the cosmos and during the search for extraterrestrial life. We also believe that these beings may not be that much different than ourselves. We may not understand fully all the anomalous phenomena surrounding the research, neither do physical scientists, physicists, and astronomers but we will gather all of our data from the most solid cited sources. We will facilitate community events, seminars and gatherings dedicated to the research and to educating our general public. Our foundation takes a sociological and anthropological approach regarding the research methods used to interpreting both the qualitative and quantitative data that will be used.

  • The truth that is self-evident is that we are not alone in the universe. We arrived at this conclusion because of a myriad of events such as the historical Roswell Incident, and many other anomalous historical events, along with a strong cultural interest in the subject matter from our community. We feel that this subject will have a huge impact on society and we wish to prepare and educate our community in preparation of this evolution.
  • The change that we believe is possible is a major cultural shift as we move from a planetary political structure to an exopolitical reality associated with the cosmos and communicating through diplomacy with other intelligent civilizations. It may sound silly but wait until it is a reality; we are naturally inclined to doubt.
  • We want our audience to embrace this with an open-mind and heart as we work through the secular and religious implications of such an existence so that they are better prepared to embrace them. We exist to create avenues that better prepare us for these new frontiers.